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Kitty's Cottage, the story so far...

My passion for sewing has definitely been passed down from my maternal Nan, Kitty Lambert – the inspiration for my business, and also from my mum, June. Growing up, we lived next door to my Nan, and I spent as much time as I could with her. She was a kind, generous, and loving Nan and I loved to sit in her kitchen excitedly watching her sew and produce wonderful new creations seemingly from nothing. Kitty was always sewing, making all her own clothes and rag dolls or soft toys for charity – fortunately I managed to persuade her to donate many of these to me! 

Sewing and creativity has also been a massive part of my mum June’s life. June is hugely talented and has made just about any garment you could imagine from my ra-ra skirts in the 1980’s, to wedding dresses, and making a few matching outfits for my dolls along the way. In more recent times, June has utilised her talents to rustle up countless outfits, disguises and costumes for her three grandsons – often at a moment’s notice! 

Me with some of Kitty's cuddly creations
Kitty outside her home
Me and Kitty in 1992

As a teenager and inspired by these two remarkable women, I carried on the family tradition by making home furnishings and some of my own clothes. (I struggled to find off-the-peg clothes to fit, as tall and plus size ranges did not exist back then). However, a full-time career and three kids meant that I stopped sewing for a number of years.

Meanwhile, my mum discovered a love of quilting and has been honing her skills for many years, creating beautiful quilts and gifts for family and friends. At the start of 2020 I asked June to teach me the basics of quilting – starting with a cushion. This re-ignited my passion for fabrics and sewing.

And then the lock-down hit…

Armed with a stock of fabrics from my mum’s extensive stash I started to make a patchwork quilt and cushions for my own children. With  time on my hands due to the lock-down and when not doing my day job, sewing became my ‘happy place’ and I realised that I wanted to do more.

I started to build up a stock of creations that I love and Kitty’s Cottage was born.

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